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Wherever you are, Spirit is there.

The first thing one learns in Deanna's Program is how to relate with the spirits of the land. If you have a relationship with the spirits of land, how could you ever consider harming the land? Does ecology affect you personally? This program will show you ways to deepen your ability to connect with the land.  And, once you practice developing this connection, then you'll know how to call the spirits of the land to participate in the ceremonies and journeys you do.

What is Shaminism


           ...Connecting with Spirits of Place

Since humans have roamed the Earth, they have had an instinctive relationship with the cycles and seasons of the planet with both a physical and non physical perspective.  No matter one’s ethnicity or country of origin, your ancestors came from tribes or villages who knew intimately the spirits of the land, the air, the water and the fire.  They knew how to stay in balance with these forces to stay healthy, peaceful and harmonious.  When imbalance occurred they knew methods for resetting balance. These methods came from a regular and practiced way of being with Spirit.  It acknowledges and honors the aliveness of everything that is, and its place in the balance of all things.  This is the fundamental principle of Shamanism. 

Since we are no longer indigenous people we have forgotten our relationship with nature and the natural world.  We must learn again the deep interconnection with the Spirit in all things, and begin to establish the wisdom practices of our ancestors in order to restore balance for those who will come after us and inherit this living, sentient mother Earth.  This is my goal in teaching and healing.

Deanna received her Master's Degree in Transformative Leadership and Social Change from Maryland University of Integrative Health.  Her thesis project is a book on her shamanic journeys to the spirits of the acupuncture points. The book was published in 2018, and is available to purchase on  It is called: Poetry of the Body: Stories about Acupuncture Points. ​It is written for the layperson as well as practitioners.

Deanna also offers private Shamanic healing sessions for Soul Retrieval, Extraction, Power Animal Retrieval, House Clearing and Energy work. 

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