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What is NAET

       ...Eat, breathe and be with whatever you want, allergy free!

Even in the newest technique that has been added to this practice - NAET- which focuses on allergies, it is not symptom based.  NAET goes to the imbalance which has caused the allergy, and creates balance which eliminates the allergy

NAET is an amazing system designed in the late 80s by Dr. Devi Nambudripad.  (NAET = Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique.)  You can visit Dr. Devi's website ( for more information.  Dr. Devi uses basic principles of Chinese medicine to treat, balance and eliminate any and all allergies.  NAET involves using a combination of particular energy balancing, testing and treatment methods from a number of disciplines such as acupuncture/acupressure, allopathy, chiropractic, nutrition, and kinesiology. By combining these therapies, NAET stimulates the body’s energy pathways and nerve blockages to eliminate allergies and sensitivities. Ms Stennett did her training  with Dr. Devi and loves treating patients with this amazing system.  

Deanna's goal is to remove energy blockages by having the patient hold a glass bottle containing the allergen whilst acupressure or acupuncture techniques are employed. After a treatment, you will rest for 20 minutes while still holding the jar containing the allergen. You will then be tested for a sensitivity reaction using the muscle strength test. If the sensitivity has cleared, the you will be advised to avoid the substance for the following 25 hours or more. You then will be advised to return for retesting with NAET between 25 hours and 7 days after the treatment.

It is important to note that one allergen is treated at a time. If a patient is not severely immunodeficient, they may need just one treatment to desensitize one allergen. A patient with mild to moderate amount of allergies may take about 15-20 office visits to desensitize 15-20 food and environmental allergens.

The first 15 treatments eliminates common allergies that most of us have some reaction to.  We are just not aware of it.  We don't realize that many or most of our illnesses or discomforts are the result of these allergies, so we go on exposing ourselves to the allergens day after day, year after year until all of a sudden (or that's what it seems like to us) we have a serious illness. NAET not only figures out what your allergens are, but rebalances you so that you are NO LONGER ALLERGIC to them, and can, therefore, avoid more serious illness.  

It is very gratifying to make such a difference in peoples lives and the potential for helping people. 

  • Petting a cat for the first time in years and not having any reaction.    
  • Experiencing Spring or Fall in Maryland without antihistamines. 
  • Eating whatever you want without gas, bloating or abdominal pain.  
  • Ordering off a menu in a restaurant without having to ask for special ingredients, or to ask for ingredients other people can eat to be left off your plate.  

This is freedom, and you deserve to be free.