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You are not a disease.  You are a person.  You have thoughts and feelings; hopes and fears; dreams and goals; joys and sorrows; and, yes, illnesses, aches, and pains.  When I see you, I am interested in all of you, not just what hurts, or what is wrong.  You are much more than that.  I treat people, not disease.  I want to know what you gave up for your job, or your family.  I want to know what gets you out of bed in the morning.  I want to know why you weep and why you laugh.  I want to know about your pets, your children, and your grandchildren.  I want to know what flowers you love and what foods you crave. 

You are the important part of any treatment I do.  And, you are unique.  No other patient I see is the same as you.  And, I feel that way about every patient I see.  This is why I am an acupuncturist.  Sure I love acupuncture, but even more I love people. To me it’s like tending a garden with a vast variety of individual and beautiful flowers.  Each flower needs a different amount of light, water, and food to flourish.  Each patient - you - need unique treatments.  I am committed to giving you a unique treatment, designed exactly for you, so you can flourish.