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Deanna Stennett, L.Ac. is a preferred Acupuncturist in network with the following insurance companies in the State of Maryland:

CareFirst / Blue Cross and Blue Shield



Insurance companies are increasingly covering acupuncture in Maryland. Acupuncture is scheduled to be an 'essential health benefit' on most Maryland health insurance plans by January 2014. Call your health insurance plan now and request coverage for 'Acupuncture' or 'Acupuncture Therapy.'

We will need some information from you, such as your full name, insurance carrier, insurance number, and date of birth to verify the insurance.
Be sure to include the best contact number for yourself, should we need more information.

Our office must qualify your insurance prior to your visit. If we have not previously inquired about insurance, we will ask you to pay in full at the time of the visit. This is because contacting your insurance company takes time and our office cannot do it at the time of your appointment.

We can submit to other insurance companies as an out of network acupuncturist. In addition, many Workers Compensation and all No Fault Automobile Insurances cover acupuncture.

We are one of the few Acupuncture treatment centers in Annapolis, Maryland that accept and are 'in network' with CareFirst, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Cigna, and Aetna health insurance plans. We electronically submit your acupuncture treatment claims directly to your insurance company for free.

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