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The World of Healing - We Treat People, Not Diseases

There are lists of illnesses all over the internet about what Acupuncture treats, and they are true.  In our practice we prefer to look at the whole person, not their lists of diseases.  Have you ever played the arcade came of Whack-a-Mole?  When you chase symptoms, it is kind of like that game, you bang one over the head and two others appear.  One can go crazy chasing those little moles.  Treating the whole person is like going beneath the surface of a river, where the top is turbulent and uncertain, but the deep part is a strong, smooth, flowing current.  In this practice our focus is your strong, smooth, flowing current.  We encourage and build on that, so that your river becomes peaceful and able to navigate around the rocks of life without being all dammed up. 

Even in the newest technique that has been added to this practice - NAET- which focuses on allergies, it is not symptom based.  NAET goes to the imbalance which has caused the allergy, and creates balance which eliminates the allergy. 

Why settle for being treated like a list of problems?  You deserve to be treated like the whole, beautiful, unique being that you are.

​Deanna Stennett is licensed by the State of Maryland as an Acupuncturist, and is Nationally Certified by NCCAOM.     The office is located conveniently just off MD Route 50 in Annapolis, MD. Annapolis Healing treats patients throughout the state of Maryland with acupuncture.  Patients from Anne Arundel County, Prince Georges County, Queen Anne's County, Howard County and  Charles County have found their way to Annapolis Healing. 

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      ...We start with what is working well, and build on that, rather than focusing          on what is wrong